Living Marine Resources (LMR) Program

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Our Mission
The mission of the LMR program is to improve understanding of the occurrence, exposure, response, and consequences of marine species near Navy at-sea training and testing activities. The LMR program is responsible for funding applied research and works to transition the results for use within the Navy’s at-sea environmental compliance and permitting processes, with the goals of improving marine species impact analysis (including marine mammal take estimates), mitigation measures and monitoring capabilities. Key points of the LMR mission statement are:

  • Improve the best available science regarding the potential impacts to marine species from Navy activities;
  • Improve the technology and methods available to the U.S. Navy marine species monitoring program; and
  • Preserve core Navy readiness capabilities.

Site Relocation Notice
Due to DoD policy and relocation to another hosting facility, previous URLs and access requirements to our public and management sites have changed. This page and related links now provide LMR’s public content. A Common Access Card (CAC) (or an approved PKI certificate) is now required to access additional program information, submit a need, and access our management site (if you have an account). The new URL to access this information is

Pre-proposal Solicitation Notice
The pre-proposal solicitation period ended on 17 October 2017. Click here for additional information.

Learn More
Our Newsletter: The Fall 2017 issue of our quarterly newsletter is now available. Our newsletter provides insight into the program’s operations, accomplishments, and future focus areas, click here to access current and past issues.

Project Highlights: To learn more about some of the research projects the program invests in, access our project highlights page.

Annual Reports: Our FY 16 annual report is available which details FY 2016 accomplishments and plans for FY 2017 and beyond, click here to access current and past FY annual reports.

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