Earth Day


Navy and Marine Corps commands worldwide celebrate Earth Day on the official date of 22 April and throughout the months of April and May, depending on the climate of their operating areas and the nature of their day-to-day missions. Earth Day activities can be a perfect opportunity to build relationships across command departments, with sister services and government agencies, and the local communities where we live and work.

Earth fairs, recycling contests, 5K runs, beach and neighborhood trash pickups, base nature tours, and environmental education programs for students are among the many activities naval commands have hosted or participated in for Earth Day over the past four decades.  Energy saving actions, such as swapping out old incandescent light bulbs for high-efficiency compact florescent bulbs, shutting off unneeded lights, insulating around doors and windows,  and seeking other creative means to conserve energy are also practical ideas that match the spirit of Earth Day, make us more sustainable, and ultimately support the mission.   

Earth Day Planning Guide
This document describes the history of Earth Day, gives ideas for Earth Day activities and promotion, and explains how to get free materials for your event.

2014 Navy Earth Day Poster
Download and print this PDF version of the 2014 Navy Earth Day poster. The recommended size for this poster is 11 x 17. A customizable MS Word version is also available, please contact Ashley Tolbert (

2014 Navy Earth Day Infographic
Navy commands around the world are celebrating Earth Day this year. Even with budget constraints, the Navy continues to partner with local communities to protect the environment with events such as recycling drives, 5K runs, and Earth Day fairs. This graphic highlights worldwide commands hosting events. In true “word cloud” fashion, the size of the command name corresponds with the number of local events. Regardless of font size, we’re doing great things for Earth Day in April and YEAR ROUND for the environment as we perform our national security mission.

Navy EQ Pelican Bookmark
Download and print this PDF version of the Navy EQ Pelican bookmark. This document can be printed as a  single bookmark per page or multiple bookmarks per page. Please print this document double-sided. The recommended paper for this document is recycled cardstock.

Additional Earth Day resources are available on the Environmental Guidance and Documents

Navy/Marine Corps Earth Day planners can also request free Earth Day support materials by submitting this online form.