Strike Fighter Squadron One Four




Strike Fighter Squadron One Four received the FY 2015 SECNAV Energy Award in the Commander, Naval Air Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet Category for its successful energy efficiency efforts during flight operations in FY 2014.

The winning squadron’s focus on efficiency led to four fuel-saving recommendations for the Air ENCON IPT, including a change in course rules for arrival and departure which allows aircraft to remain at higher altitudes longer, single engine shutdown while refueling in the hot pits, military vice afterburner take offs when light loaded on fuel, and increasing the max trap of F/A-18E/F from 44,000 pounds to 48,000 pounds.

Senior aviators also trained and mentored junior aviators on aggressive fuel efficiency techniques. The squadron’s efforts resulted in a fuel burn rate that was lower in two of the four quarters in FY 2014 than the historical burn rate for 26 other F/A-18 E/F squadrons.