Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Command Exercise Support Division

USMC Expeditionary Category


The Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Command (MAGTFTC) Exercise Support Division received the FY 2015 SECNAV Energy Award in the USMC Expeditionary Category for reducing fuel consumption and conducting dedicated energy efficiency training initiatives during FY2014.

MAGTFTC monitored generators used to EXFOR and provided information about efficient use of assets while implementing realistic and scalable energy plans. Additionally, the command trained tens of thousands of Marines in energy efficiency, and drivers received classes on fuel tracking and metering operation procedures to identify gaps in expeditionary fuel distribution. Education and training efforts are ongoing.

The winning command reduced fuel consumption for over 150 monitored vehicles by 7.6 percent. MAGTFC reduced its demand for petroleum, oils, and lubricants by 39 percent, and improved hazardous waste handling practices by recycling 403 tons of anti-freeze, lead-acid batteries, and motor oil.